How versatile are our towels ?

Turkish Towel Versatility...

It's no secret that we are head over heals in love with our range of Turkish towels! Not only are they ethically sourced and made from high quality, eco friendly fabric... our towels are also really versatile! How you ask?

Here are a few tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your new Turkish towel!


Our whole range of onefinesunday co towels are ideal for the beach. They are lightweight, highly absorbent and quick drying. You can pack a few towels for family and friends with room for your favourite book in your beach bag!


The Aztec and stonewashed ranges look wonderful in any bathroom. Our towels are soft and luxurious and there is nothing better to wrap yourself in after a good long soak.


Being made from 100% Turkish cotton means they dry quickly and the designs are brilliant for covering up in the sun on those hot summer days.


Perfect for use as a lightweight blanket for the home or travel. Our luxe range is particularly effective at keeping the air-conditioning chill at bay on planes and trains. It is a fantastic styling piece for any lounge room or reading nook and adds the right amount of cosy layers for a relaxing afternoon curled up on a comfy daybed!


Whether you’re at the beach, park or travelling, our Turkish towels make a brilliant picnic rug. They look pretty and add charm to any outdoor feast.


Perfect for lying down on the ground in the park or out and about. Our thicker Turkish towels allow little ones to safely roll, crawl or sit and play with their favourite toys.


Super soft for swaddling newborns and young babies. onefinesunday co towels make a stylish alternative to the muslin square and are excellent pram covers and summer cot blankets.


When you are travelling and space is limited, your towel can convert into a scarf or wrap when out and about at night.


Who doesn’t love to eat outdoors? Cover up unsightly or dirty picnic tables with a towel to create instant glam.


When you are out and about and bub needs a feed, our towels are the perfect breast feeding coverall. They give you the privacy you need when you want it and keep distractions away for your little bundle of joy!